Rants and Raves

Tonight’s meal is definitely an A+++ Rave! The Unplanned Chef took a break from the kitchen to enjoy someone else’s cooking at a new place in Destin called “The Craft Bar”. This new restaurant definitely lives up to it name. This restaurant combine the old school feeling of a underground speakeasy with fine dining in a modern twist.  the layout features an open floor plan with vintage style black and white photographs on the walls, a horseshoe bar, and light wood table tops. The menus are parchment paper on beautiful wooden slates that just add to the grandeur of the establishment. The highlight of the restaurant is the overwhelming amount of craft beer they have available with too many options to choose from, any beer connoisseur would be delighted to dine here. They buy an entire cow, fed a prairie diet, and use that for their cuts of meat. Tonight I chose the fish and chips basket which featured grouper. The fries were phenomenal and I used malt vinegar to dip them in instead of ketchup. All in all this place is the perfect package. It has wonderful ambiance, great selections, and perfect food. I give this place a perfect 10. Definitely a must try.

Happy Dining!

The Unplanned Chef


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